3 Ways QHM Can Improve a Hotel or Restaurant’s Bottom Line

especially in the post Covid-19 hospitality environment

99% of the time, the savings we find with assessment #1 will more than pay for the assessment fee,

making it essentially “free”.


#1 Cost Containment + Property Savings Assessments

Our goal is to save each property an average of 10% for every dollar spent in all areas. At the conclusion of our analysis, we generate a full report outlining the opportunities for savings. We make strategic recommendations that reduce organizational costs while driving profits upward.

  • Analyze all areas of expenditures to ensure maximization of savings for each department
  • Make recommendations for each area on potential savings without sacrificing quality or service
  • Negotiate with your current suppliers and/or make recommendations to new suppliers in an effort to lower all pricing across the board
  • Organize and facilitate all RFP’s (requests for proposal) and/or bids
  • Evaluation of all cost controls and purchasing procedures
  • Full review of property budgets and point out areas of potential savings
  • Accurate forecasting of current and future trends
Approximately 3-4 days, includes time on site & written report


#2 Inventory Procedures + Controls

We have a proven track record of providing consistent inventory procedures and controls. We are well versed in several operating software systems, such as BirchStreet, Eatec, Cheftec, and Adaco. We have the ability to implement any of these software systems as well as train in all aspects of inventory procedures and controls whether you use an inventory software program or not.

  • Conduct precise and accurate physical inventories
  • Record data per property software or other property operating system
  • Extend current prices for each item counted
  • Prepare final inventory/inventories per property standards
  • Write inventory procedures and controls for each property
  • Train and implement all new procedures
Approximately 3-14 days depending on services client chooses, includes time on/off site


#3 Contract Review + Negotiations

We work with our properties to help them negotiate and properly manage their contracts for such things as costs, goods and services, terms, assessment of potential liabilities and risks, and dispute resolution clauses, to ensure we negotiate the best possible contract/contracts for our clients.

  • Review all contracts for terms, conditions and goods/services
  • Organize all contracts by termination date, notice-of-termination date, and draft termination letters to be sent prior to the end of the contract/contracts
  • Make recommendations for potential savings with each existing contract
 5+ days minimum; includes time on/off site & organized file of contracts


Continued Support After Assessment

We can continue to manage the savings on an ongoing basis, either monthly or quarterly, if contracted beyond the initial assessment and report. We can also continue to support each property on any future contracts and monitor current contracts on a quarterly basis, if contracted beyond the initial assessment and report.


Our Procurement + Savings Assessment just produced a savings of 100K+ for 2 PNW restaurants!

How much can we save you?


Dave Coleman Storeroom Image Procurement Consultant: Dave Coleman

Dave is one of the leading procurement experts in the hospitality industry. He brings over 25 years of experience implementing purchasing programs which have drastically reduced costs in all areas for various high-end PNW properties, such as Salish Lodge and Spa, Hotel 1000, Willows Lodge and Spa, as well as numerous other properties worldwide. Dave specializes in property savings assessments, contract negotiations, inventory controls (both food and beverage), cost containment, FF&E and OS&E purchases, property openings, resourcing, rebates and deviations. Prior to Dave joining the team, he worked as the Corporate Director of Purchasing for Seattle-based Columbia Hospitality and was the PNW Regional Director of Purchasing for Benchmark Hospitality International.

If Dave can be of assistance to your property, please e-mail us or call us at 425.654.5555

Some recent clients who have benefitted from Dave’s streamlining of their purchasing and operating costs.


  Pan Pacific Seattle

Willows Lodge, Barking Frog Mobile Kitchen, Food Truck