An Operational Assessment 

From an Operator’s Perspective 

As a Guest!


We think our Q Mystery Shop approach is unique because we assess your F&B operation from an operator’s perspective with an out of the box approach and the attention to detail of an owner. Shoppers typically have either operated independent restaurants or hotel F&B operations. 

Why is a Q Mystery Shop different?

  1. Because of our Operator’s Approach. Most shoppers approach a shop from a general “rating” perceptive without the understanding of the operations side of the business.
  2. Many shoppers have never run a restaurant or a hotels F&B operation, we have.
  3. Our evaluations include areas other shopping services don’t cover, such as web site information accuracy, representation on 3rd party sites, online menus & promotions, service received from call in requests, pre and post arrival marketing etc.
  4. We DON’T provide reports that look like the typical AAA check list of do’s and don’ts!
  5. We DO provide a detailed narrative of the experience & include photo images (if relevant).
  6. We will hand deliver our report and provide a 30 minute review of our experiences*
  7. Our approach and points of inspection are available for those interested in considering our devices. Simply reach out and we will provide them to you.

 Fee: well, its unique. We base it on your highest priced entree*


*Restaurant: Keeping your businesses revenue stream in mind, our fee is structured at 15 x your highest priced entrée as listed on your web site at the time you contact us. Shop visit is based on 2 guests per visit. Reimbursed expenses include: parking & up to 2 meals per visit (to include up to 2 sides, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, NA drinks, 1 “cocktail” drink per guest & gratuity). Hand delivered reports and in person review for Seattle market at this time.


For further details and availability for a shop, please e-mail us.